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Actually they've only had 2 double xp weekends so far. its unknown, so it could be at anytime. chances are it wont even be this year so yea. btw WoW suckssss unless paying 10$ a month just to play, and buying exclusive in-game items is your thing...runescape is earn/no-lifed/ or botted.

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Double XP Weekend RuneScape will start from 12:00 UTC on February 22 to 12:00 UTC on February 25, 2019. During this event,You are going to enjoy up to 100% increase in XP gains within the specific time . …

Runescape 2016 | Double XP Weekend Money Making & Tips!

Runescape 2017 | Double XP Weekend Plans. Geraldfielding96. Black ops 3 double xp/double weapon xp weekend - awakening DLC free for PS4 this weekend.

When is the RuneScape Double XP Weekend? | RuneMate

The Double XP Weekend takes place from 12:00 UTC (game time) on 15th September, and running until 12:00 UTC on 18th September. Click here to read more: Double XP Weekend | Begins 15th September. Will I still be charged for using Premium bots during this time?

[Runescape 3] Complete Double XP Weekend Guide 2017: Basics...

- Runescape 3 Double XP Weekend Plans & Tips for DXP! [Runescape 3] Main & 10hp Pure.

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